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Sonoran Driving School


​​​​​​​​​Sonoran Driving School
Tucson, Arizona (520) 820-5823
email: sonorandrivingschool@outlook.com
A Tucson Driving School Since 2006


To register/schedule online please go to:


School code: sonoranaz

 Call (520) 820-5823 prior to registration for available training dates and times.

(2/18/21) At this time the schedule is full for the month of February.  Registering/scheduling now will be for the month of March, 2021.


Please be advised that the pick up and drop off does not include west of the Tucson Mountains, south of Irvington Rd., Continental Ranch, north of Tangerine Rd, the far northwest corner of Tucson, east of Houghton Rd, Vail, and Rita Ranch.  Convenient locations can be arranged for pick up and drop off.

​​Please be certain that you intend to schedule sessions before you decide to register. 


There is a non-refundable $4.00 fee to register and schedule online.  A credit/debit card is required in order to register.  

Payment for training is at the time of pick up.  However, payment can be made in advance by phone via credit/debit card.  Checks are preferred as there are no card fees.